We develop children’s scientific mind.


Science Experiment School

Today, we see a growing number of students who are not keen to study science. This is mostly caused by improper emphasis in the way Science is taught.

JIA Science course is the first in Indonesia that uses experiment-based curriculum with 420 experiments. Our curriculum is designed for 4 to 12 years old children. A totally new experience of learning Science will make students eager to explore it more!

In our Science class, we teach science theories through fun experiments. We develop students’ scientific mind by making them think why and how the experiment happen. We call our method as edutainment because we deliver Science in the most entertaining way, so that students will not feel bored or burdened to study. As Science and technology are rapidly developing, JIA Science course provides high quality of Science education to students who will be the support and driving force for the future.

Class Components

1. Experiment Performed by Teacher
Various exciting experiments performed by well-trained JIA teachers.

2. Experiment Performed by Students
Students confirm what they have learned using experiment kits that allow them to understand theories easily.

3. Science Report
Students are required to make a report about the experiments and its theory to stimulate their logical thinking.


Science Experiments

JIA Science School has various exciting experiments that will make students learn and have fun at the same time. Experiments can be done individually, in a team, or performed by teacher. Some of the themes are:

Wonder of Plant

Physical Changes

Human Senses

Chemical Changes

Light and Fire

Science Class


Science Extracurricular Class Service

JIA provides Science extracurricular class service to both international and national plus schools. JIA teachers will form a team and provide all the teaching materials to conduct Science experiments at your school. JIA’s curriculum is created to enhance your students’ understanding of Science theories as well as to develop their scientific mind. We can reprogram our curriculum to meet your request.

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