We nurture children’s enthusiasm and confidence

by encouraging and recognizing their effort.


JIA Mathematics class materials aim to develop children’s Mathematics logic. It is a comprehensive curriculum with international standard which covers all Mathematics areas required for Primary students to study before entering junior high school. JIA’s advanced level materials allows students to compete in international Olympiads such as Japan International Science and Mathematics Olympiads (JISMO). We have proven records that many of our students were awarded.


Four Areas of Maths Study

JIA’s comprehensive curriculum covers all mathematical study areas such as:


We reprogram our curriculum according to our student’s ability and also parent’s requests. So, students can improve areas that they are weak, and it will help their study at schools. Therefore, all students need to have an evaluation test before enrollment.


We develop student’s logical thinking using problem sentences. By practicing with our worksheets regularly, students will improve their analytical skill and calculation skills.


Semi Private and Independent Study

JIA’s Maths teachers teach 2 – 4 students simultaneously. Because of that, we understand each student’s progress and are able to reprogram our curriculum according to their abilities as well as progress of study.


In JIA, we help students to find the answer on their own using a semi-private method. When students learn new method on JIA learning materials, there are clear instruction on how to use the method. In case students are not able to understand, teachers will give further explanation. This method enables students to study independently and, at the same time, develops their confidence.


Flow of The Class


Appreciate Student’s Effort

If our students has some difficulties to understand, they will repeat the same theme until they are confident enough to move to the next theme or higher level. We always give appreciation to our student’s effort in order to make them more motivated to study independently.