We educate from our hearts for children to love and enjoy learning Science and Maths


Invaluable Resource

At JIA, we value our most invaluable resource, our teachers. They are, in turn, not only capable to develop curriculum, but also passionate in generating students’ enthusiasm for learning.

Why are our teachers special?

Our teachers are reputable university graduates.

Have ability to transfer learning materials in a fun way.

Have ability to encourage students by creating comfortable environment to study.

Understand students’ problem well and are capable to discuss openly with parents.


Q & A

Maths Courses

I heard that JIA's Maths curriculum is originally from Japan. Can it be implemented in other countries?

Yes, it can be implemented in any countries as we modified our curriculum based on international standard.

What is the feature of JIA's Maths curriculum?

JIA Maths is comprehensive program which covers not only calculation area but also Quantities and Measurements, Quantitative Relations, and Geometric Figures. The program is suitable for developing students’ Maths logic and analytical skill.

How to start learning Maths at JIA?

Students need to take an assessment test before enrollment. Teachers will analyze their Maths abilities and reprogram JIA’s Maths program for each students.

Science Courses

What does JIA Science learning center do?

We teach Science to students through experiments. Instead of just memorizing theories, our students will enjoy fun experiments and understand the theories behind it.  We have 29 themes with 420 experiments available for your children.

What kind of service does JIA Science learning center have?

We have experiment based curriculum and was developed with international standard. Apart from our own direct/license center, JIA also offers extracurricular service to international schools. We provide well-trained teachers, experiment kits, and student progress report for schools.

How are Science experiments being performed in class?

In JIA, experiments are not only performed by teachers, but also by students in a group or individual. In our class, we always encourage all of the students to participate in the experiments. We also provide individual experiment kits which they can take and do at home.